Directed by S. M. Yusuf. Produced by F. M. Sardar & S. M. Yusuf. Music: A. Hameed. Lyrics & Written by Fayyaz Hashmi. Cast: Nayyar Sultana, Habib, Talish, Waheed Murad (debut), Mumtaz Bukhari (debut), Lehri, Faizy, S. Gul, Salma Mumtaz, Sikandar, Jaffry, Saqi, G. N. Butt, Agha Jan, Raziya, Abushah, Bela Malik; Child stars: Aziz Yusuf, Shaukat Yusuf, Satish Anand, Pappu. B&W. 57 (32) Weeks. August 10, 1962

Character study of a single mother who wants to raise her son according to the ideals of Allama Iqbal, taking a stand against the adverse forces in the society.


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