Insan Badalta Hai

Screenplay & Directed by Munawar Rashid. Written & Produced by Waheed Murad. Music: Zafar Khurshid. Lyrics: Fayyaz Hashmi, Izhar Maliahbadi. Dialogue: Iqbal Husain Rizvi. Cast: Shamim Ara, Darpan, Nighat, Lehri, Panna, Arsh Munir, Agha, Anwar, Khurshi, Angela, Zafar Khurshid, Khurshid Kamal, Sethi, Muzzafar, Charlie. Special dance by Lily & Leo (Sensational Phillipine Dancers). B&W. 26 Weeks. 5 May 1961

Insan Badalta Hai is considered to be a lost film because no print of this film is currently known to be extant in any medium. The information on this page is derived from the publicity brochure of the film.

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