Directed by Iqbal Yusuf. Produced by Ghaffar Danawala & Iqbal Yusuf. Music: Mosleh-ud-Din. Lyrics: Kaleem Usmani. Written by Iqbal Rizvi. Cast: Sudhir, Zeba, Waheed Murad, Iqbal Yusuf, Hanif, Rukhsana, Rozina, Jaffry, Saqi, Santosh Russell, Adeeb, Kamal Irani, Latif Charlie, Faizy, Tarana, Nafeesa Noor, Khurshid. B&W. 25 (6) Weeks. April 2, 1966

Four brothers have been raised up to avenge the mortal enemy of their mother – and he happens to be the father who had disowned them. The story is set in an imaginary world inspired partially by the genre of Western movies and partially by the Shikral stories of Ibn-e-Safi.


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