Naag Muni

Directed by Raza Mir. Produced by Afzal Hussain & Raza Mir. Music: Nisar Bazmi. Lyrics: Habib Jalib, Fayyaz Hashmi, Masroor Anwar. Story based on Waheeda Naseem’s novel of the same title. Screenplau Najam-ul-Hasan. Dialogue: Ahmad Rahi & Masroor Anwar. Cast: Waheed Murad, Rani, Rukhsana, Sangeeta, Talish, Qavi, Masud Akhtar, Najam-ul-Hasan, Jalil Afghani, Arslan, Saqi, Naina, Baby Najmi, Zahid Sheikh. 23 (6) Weeks. April 7, 1972

A pharmaceutical researcher travelling in a mysterious land falls in love with a native girl, who is supposed to have descended from a snake god – a timeless parable about the conflict between love and primordial fears.


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