Directed by Fareed Ahmed. Produced by Muhammad Akram Choudhry. Music: Master Inayat Husain. Lyrics: Kaleem Usmani. Written by Naqi Mustafa. Cast: Waheed Murad, Shamim Ara, Aaliya, Saleem Nasir, Munawar Saeed, Sheikh Iqbal, Munir Zarif, Talish, Tamanna, Fazil Butt, Iqbal Durrani, Jalil Afghani, Shah Nawaz, Jamil Bismil, Irfan Khoost, Ghayyur Akhtar, Abbu Shah. 18 (2). July 2, 1976

A love story about a Mughal princess and a native barrister, set against the backdrop of the British Raj in the decades following the uprising of 1857.


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